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The Importance of Keeping Your LinkedIn Profile Up to Date Even If You Aren’t Job Searching

September 6th, 2019

LinkedIn frequently becomes just a box you check when entering the job search. You update your resume, draft a new cover letter, and spruce up your LinkedIn account because you know it’s important for companies to see the latest version of you. Unfortunately, waiting this long could cost you opportunities you never imagined.  


The Seeking Never Stops

Even if you aren’t looking for something new, it doesn’t mean recruiters aren’t looking for you. By letting your account remain outdated, you could be missing amazing opportunities because someone didn’t think you were the right fit. Taking a few minutes now and then to keep your LinkedIn alive could be the difference between where you are and where you want to be in your career.  


It’s Not All About the Job Search

Another mistake you can make outside of failing to keep your LinkedIn updated is using only for the job search. In doing this, you’re missing out on a vital function available to you – networking. When you actively use LinkedIn, you can connect with other professionals and begin to shape your network, which in turn leads to mentors, job opportunities, and vital connections.  


Updates to Consider

Knowing you need to make frequent updates, you might now be asking what you should do. First, look at your picture. It should be a high-quality image featuring you and you alone. Avoid wearing sunglasses or anything else that drastically changes your appearance. The level of whimsy you include depends on your brand and career.  

Another easy way to round out your profile is taking time to focus on interests and volunteer work. Too often only work experience is updated, leaving so many details about you up to the imagination. By filling in those gaps, you’re providing a better insight for connections and recruiters into who you are beyond what you can do.  

To really stand out, you can give and request recommendations and endorsements. These take your abilities to the next level because instead of just making the claim, you have colleagues confirming your work ethic and skills.  


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