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Let Your Creativity Shine | 3 Ways to Reforming Common Organizational Practices

November 11th, 2015

Organizations often have no choice but to change. The world is always moving and things shift fast, therefore any business that wants to thrive must keep up. Many times, common organizational practices need reform because they have become outdated and ineffective. It’s up to the executive management team to use a combination of conventional wisdom and creative thinking to improve the way things operate and the outcome of the business.

How to tap into creativity when reforming organizational practices

When there is a great deal of creativity present in a business, innovations spring out of this as employees share their ideas and knowledge. Organizations that base at least a portion of their processes on honouring this creativity are better able to remain competitive. Creativity generates future successes. It’s important to be able to have systems in place to tap into all this collective creativity.

Here are a few guidelines for letting your organizational creativity shine.

Make creativity a core value of the company

The company can open up the doors wide to creativity by making this a cultural value. Implementing processes that allow for creative sharing, idea generation, and communication is a start. Focus on creative meetings, projects, and processes that bring out the best in your employees.

Increase employee engagement levels

The very source of creative energy comes from within the organization. This means your goal is to tap into this valuable asset by encouraging employees to be actively engaged in their careers. When they are engaged, they are stimulated with new ideas and better ways of doing things.

Develop methods of testing new organizational practices

Before making drastic changes to operational procedures, be sure to test them out in a select group of employees or a department. Use a 30 day approach to testing and evaluating whether a more creative approach is needed. Gather feedback from employees and clients, then launch the improved version of the change in the rest of the company.

When you follow the above tips, your company practices will improve and stay current in the market, enabling your business to compete for the long term.

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