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5 Tactful Ways to Get Your Employees to Break Outside Their Comfort Zones

June 12th, 2019

As an employer, you know the ways to keep your team content on the job. You offer the right benefits, competitive salaries and a welcoming office culture that is designed to make anyone satisfied. The problem occurs when your employees become too comfortable.

There’s a line that gets crossed when a worker settling into a role becomes too comfortable. From here, a decrease in productivity is witnessed with a lack of desire to exceed beyond what’s expected. When this happens, you can help them break out of their comfort zones and into the successful and productive people you need on your team. Here are five ways to tactfully stretch your employees beyond their limits.

 Be a leader

As a manager, it’s your responsibility to tell your team what to do, but this doesn’t make you a leader. A leader is someone who can motivate their team with encouraging words and enthusiasm that makes them want to work harder for a cause. Focus on your delivery and how you can inspire your employees.

Find incentives

If you want new results, try offering a new reward. It doesn’t need to be monetary or even related to standard benefits, but finding unique incentives your team will want can spur them into action.

 Increase their confidence

Sometimes comfort can represent a fear of moving forward and failing. Instead of trying to motivate through a big and challenging project, start with minor tasks that build toward a larger goal. Every achievement they have will boost their confidence and help them see they can succeed beyond where they’re comfortable.

 Challenge them

Once you’ve helped increase the confidence, push for something harder. Remind them of what they’ve accomplished and how they have the right skill set to get the job done. It’s important to push without overwhelming them so they learn what they can do.

 Respect the process

You’d like your team to instantly jump from their comfort zones and become performers, but typically, that isn’t the case. It takes time to build confidence, learn and grow into the team player you’re looking for. Don’t get frustrated; respect that things that are worthwhile take time.


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