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Workplace Safety Tips to Help Save Your Business Money

August 30th, 2018

Creating a safer environment improves your workplace for a number of reasons. Obviously, your goal as an employer is to keep everyone on your team safe, so the steps you take to achieve this make a difference. Beyond the health of your workers, there is the consideration of money saved.


According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), businesses annually spend $170 billion for costs that come from occupational injuries and illnesses. Faulty products might be produced as a result and profits might be cut to cover the expenditures. When developing new safety programs, these costs can be reduced by numbers between 20 and 40 percent.


Knowing that safety is essential, here are some safety tips you can use to save your business money:


Keep employees educated

Your safety plan doesn’t do a lot of good if your team isn’t aware of the policies. It’s essential to take the time when onboarding new hires to go over all the rules. This also eliminates some liability from you if a procedure is violated resulting in an injury. When new policies are created, hold training for all employees so they are on the same page.


Welcome suggestions

No safety plan is the last version. There will always be adjustments and new plans to work toward a safer environment. Knowing this, welcome the feedback of those actually working within in the safety policies every day. Find out what works and what doesn’t and try to find solutions.


Additionally, create a safe space where workers can come to you with issues or concerns about the behaviors of others. A no-retaliation policy will help everyone remain safe and in-line with the established rules.


Monitor the conditions of equipment

No matter what type of workspace and equipment you have, you should always be paying attention to the quality. Do regular tours and checks and invite safety experts in for inspections. If you hear a concern from an employee, quickly investigate it. While updates and fixes cut into the budget now, they can save you from paying for an injury later.


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