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Boost Your Teams Positivity in 2018 and Keep it Going Throughout the Year!

February 28th, 2018

Many of your team members will set goals and make resolutions for the new year. The new year is a fresh start and a chance to do better. While this is a common individual goal, you can apply the same perspective to your company.


One way to improve your workplace and keep the moment is to focus on positivity. Research shows that an environment that is more positive is more productive, so you’ll get a better output of work and happier employees who want to keep working for you! Kick off the new year right and try these tips to boost your team’s positivity through 2018:


  1. Embrace your mission

If people know why they do their work, they might be more inclined to work harder and happier. Work without reason can be frustrating and draining, but a company that focuses on why it exists can create employees who are more engaged and positive.


  1. Have more fun

It’s not surprising that rewarding activities make employees more positive, but often it’s overlooked or left to one department to plan. Instead of telling people what they’re going to do, ask them what sounds enjoyable. This not only provides an award but gives them a level of input.


  1. Eliminate problem employees

This might seem harsh, but one problem employee can bring down all the positive vibes in an office. No matter what the issue is – crudeness, harassment, lying, gossip, hot head, etc. – it’s important to think about your office as a whole. If you know your team will be more positive with the bad egg gone, you may have to make the call to say goodbye.


  1. Be thankful

Expressing gratitude for the big things is easy, but sometimes small accomplishments are overlooked. Acknowledging the little wins can make everyone feel more engaged and happy to be at work. Whenever you can, say thank you or give someone a shout out to let your employees know you see them and the great work they do.


  1. Turn that frown upside down

Sure, it’s cheesy, but the power of a smile is palpable. Spend more time being excited and showing that genuine attitude and you will find it’s contagious in the office. Sometimes a smile can change someone’s entire day. Remember positivity, starts with those in charge. To lead a positive team, you must be a positive leader.


These are just five of the many ideas to keep your office positive throughout 2018. Making the shift from negative to positive thinking isn’t always simple, but taking it one step at a time can change the entire office feeling and make people excited to come to work.


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