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Are You Using Your Social Media Pages to Your Advantage During Your Job Search?

January 26th, 2018

In 2018, social media is a part of most of our lives. More than 80 percent of all Americans use the internet, and 58 percent have Facebook accounts. That’s just the numbers for Facebook! Don’t forget about the other sites like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.


Because most people use social media, it’s likely the team reviewing your resume uses it as well. As important as LinkedIn can be, other social sites that keep it mostly social versus professional are becoming a first screening of a candidate.


What you do on social media can provide a more in-depth first look at you without having to interview or conduct background checks. It helps employers see the type of person the candidate truly is, what they share and how they represent themselves. Because it’s a primary communication tool, it can also be used to see how you communicate with peers.


While it’s important to make sure your social pages reflect the best version of yourself, you can use social media to your advantage in other ways while looking for a job.


Engage with the company to express interest

Once you apply for a position, get involved with them online. Find out what platforms they use and engage through liking and commenting. Not only does this help you learn more about the company in general and potentially the industry, if they look you up, the mutual connection between you and their company may appear and show you’ve invested time in them.


Write about what’s important

Blogging was one of the first social activities online, but the art remains relevant today. Your virtual footprint can lead employers to you, and a blog can open the door. By positioning yourself as an expert and staying up-to-date and relevant in your field, you can show off your skills and impress your employer before the interview is scheduled.


Learn about the company culture

Similar to how a company can learn a lot about you from social media, you can learn a lot about a company. Examine the type of content they share – is it all industry related? Do they show pictures from company gatherings? How are they dressed? This simple look can give you an idea what to expect when you go into the interview.


Looking for your next opportunity?

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