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2014 Workplace Trends That Will Attract Candidates

March 19th, 2014

Finding new ways to attract candidates for open jobs at your company is very important to having the best talent hit the ‘apply’ button. It is not easy for companies to encourage the best candidates to apply for open jobs, especially when they might already be employed elsewhere. There are some workplace trends developing for 2014 that can help attract top candidates for open jobs at companies across the country.

Here’s what you need to know about the state of the average workplace and advances in candidate attraction for the remainder of the year.

Mobile Job Sites Continue to Expand

One of the most important things a company needs to do is have a mobile website for candidates to visit on their smartphones and tablets. The website should also have a jobs page so candidates can find the open positions and even apply to them without having to find their desktop or laptop to do so. Mobile job sites are becoming more and more popular each passing year, and 2014 will be a huge one for this trend.

Videos Become a Vital Aspect of Recruiting

A trend that is due to explode in 2014 is that of using videos on job pages. Videos can be posted with each job opening. The video should feature a hiring manager or supervisor explaining the job opening where it is posted. It should be no longer than 60 seconds; long enough to entice the candidate, but short enough to keep him or her interested.

Company websites should also have three-minute employer profiles posted. This helps candidates learn not only about job openings, but also the company as a whole. Videos should also be included in social media posts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and inserted in regular blog posts on the company blog when deemed necessary.

Social Recruiting Keeps Going Strong

A very important trend taking flight in 2013 and really becoming popular in 2014 is that of social recruiting. More and more companies are realizing that candidates are using social media sites to find jobs. This is why companies are posting job openings to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at the same time that they post them to their jobs page.

An infographic from Mashable shows that companies experience improvement in the following categories when recruiting candidates using social media:

  • 33 percent improvement in time-to-hire
  • 43 percent in candidate quantity
  • 49 percent in candidate quality
  • 32 percent in employee referral quality and quantity

A Switch to Granular Recruiting

More companies have begun to switch over to granular recruiting, which is recruiting candidates for specific departments instead of the company as a whole. Some of the best hiring managers out there will recruit candidates based on location, department, or even individual. It is also important to note that companies need to have their own excellent careers page before they decide to pay for a recruitment firm to put a careers page about them on their website.

Take each of these workforce trends into stride and consider the benefits they can offer your business now and into the future. Your recruitment efforts can be streamlined using the latest in recruiting apps and technology. Be sure to explore them and find what works best for your business.

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