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Using Social Media as a Part of Your Job Search

December 5th, 2018

During the course of its short life, social media has evolved from a tool to connect with friends to a force that permeates nearly every area of life. Unsurprisingly, this includes the job search. When applying for a job, it’s commonly suggested to edit your social media to make sure there’s nothing unsavory to keep you from getting an interview. More than just monitoring, using social media can help you in the job search.


Make sure your LinkedIn is updated

Your LinkedIn account serves as an online resume and CV, detailing your work and experience. Because it isn’t limited to a single page, you can showcase all your professional background to craft a more well-rounded representation of who you are. This is why it’s essential to maintain your account with each new position, project or volunteer experience.


Additionally, you can also use LinkedIn as a way for other professionals to vouch for your abilities. One way is by adding skills so your colleagues can endorse you. This tool allows you to list what you can do but invites others to agree, allowing potential employers to see you can actually do what you claim. Similarly, the Recommendations feature allows connections to provide additional insight about your work performance.


Engage wisely with Facebook

Using Facebook allows you to connect with companies in a more informal way and serves as a reflection of you. During the job search, keep up with brands you like and that are related to your field. This can show employers you’re actively participating in your field.


Plus, Facebook Jobs is a relatively new offering with easier ways to find and apply for jobs. An updated profile makes the application process easy and allows companies to find you as well.


Don’t forget about Twitter

Twitter isn’t quite the same powerhouse as Facebook, but it can be a more impersonal way to connect with brands and share your input. Make sure you have a professional photo and a link to either your website or blog. This can be a very targeted approach to your field.


We care about you

At Staffing Resources, we want to do more than connect you with the best companies to work for in Atlanta. Our process is all about getting to know you and helping to develop your professional skills. We’re a smaller firm with a big difference – we don’t treat you like another name in a database. Our goal is to help you succeed through our professional relationships. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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