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5 Things to Prepare When Starting a New Job Search

October 3rd, 2018

The process of starting a job search seems as simple as deciding it’s time and beginning your search. In this scenario, finding a job would be just as easy, with an offer being extended after your first interview. Unfortunately, the real world involves a little more preparation.


Technically, you can dive in, but you’ve automatically put yourself at a disadvantage by not being prepared. Instead of rushing in, prioritize the following five things before beginning your job search:


  1. Determine What You Want to Do

This is a surprisingly overlooked step. You can think you know what you’re looking for, but unless you’ve taken time to consider your path carefully, you might make the wrong move. Take some time to do some deep thinking; focus on what you’ve been doing and decide what you liked and didn’t like. Determine the next logical step and decide what you want this role to look like. By carefully considering your next job, you can enter the job search with a clear head and understanding of what you’re looking for.


  1. Update Your Resume

Once you know where you want to go, update your resume to reflect that goal. This can mean tailoring your experience to showcase the skills that highlight why you’d be a good fit, or adding new items to help round you out as a candidate. Send it to someone to proofread and print it out and read it yourself. You want to make sure it’s perfect before sharing it with employers.


  1. Clean Up Your Social Media

Take some time to see if there’s anything posted on your online profiles that could cause an employer to think twice about you, like photos from a wild night or a complaint from your last job. You want these platforms to be a positive extension of you.


  1. Get Organized

Few parts of the job search are more embarrassing than receiving a call from a company and forgetting what the job is that you applied for. Before you even start applying, set up a spreadsheet to track everything, including the position title and description, when you applied, a link to the posting, and any follow-up information. This will save you from awkward questions and help track your progress.


  1. Check in With references

You might not list them on your resume, but there’s always a potential you’ll be asked to provide them. Even if you have used the same people before, reach out and let them know your plans, so they won’t be surprised if they receive a call or email about you.


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