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It’s Time to Quit Your Bad Manager

July 20th, 2018

Few things can make your experience at a company awful quite like a bad manager. Even when you like your job, having to deal with someone who is rude, demanding, ignorant, and incompetent can make you want to jump ship. Those you discuss the issues with will likely say everyone has bad bosses and encourage you to stick it out, but ultimately only you know how much you can take. If you’re on the fence, here are some signs it’s time to quit your bad manager:


They Aren’t Providing You Opportunities for Growth

Instead of recognizing talent and trying to help you, your manager is essentially ignoring your potential. They don’t provide feedback or recognize when you’ve done something well. A good manager will identify where their employees are excelling and try to help expand those skills. This isn’t a matter of company loyalty or riding out a job – your career is in your hands and you need to make sure you’re in a place that growth is valuable both to you and your manager.


They Don’t Really Seem to Care About You

The relationship between a manager and their employees shouldn’t be overly close, but a team needs to believe their leader has their back. If your manager is ignoring commitments they made to you in favor of doing what they want to do or refusing to make time for you, it’s a good sign they don’t actually value you.


Also, a manager who cares about the team cares about its growth. If you’ve seen your supervisor bring in unqualified team members or promote your co-workers who were undeserving, it might be time to move on. You want an ally for your team and growth, not someone who is self-centered.


They Are Overworking the Team

Jobs can be demanding, but there’s a fine line between a heavy workload and burning your team out. A good manager can spur their team to complete the work with them feeling overworked and underappreciated. A bad manager is simply focused on the outcome and doesn’t care how they get there. Knowing overworking employees actually leads to a decline in productivity, you want to make sure you’re working for someone who believes in balance.


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