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5 Tips to Ensure Your Employees Are Happy

May 16th, 2018

If you work the standard nine-to-five shift, 25 percent of every week is spent at your job. That means you spend at least a quarter of your life, every year, working. Because of this, a job you’re engaged in makes those hours feel more valuable and less frustrating.


As an employer, you need to recognize that, while your employees work for you, their time is valuable as well. They have a job to do, but the more you work to ensure they’re happy and engaged, the more you’ll find they’re committed to their work and productive. Here are five tips to keep your employees happy.


  1. Be Clear in What You Expect


Without proper guidance, employees may lose focus or feel as if you don’t care about the work they do. By setting clear expectations, your team knows what they need to do, as well as all the rules and regulations. Consistency is key among all employees. Make it known what you require when it comes to productivity, clocking in, lunches, breaks, etc. There’s a difference between having clear guidelines and creating a strict environment. Structure is good, but being overly harsh can lead to dissatisfaction.


  1. Express Appreciation


Not only does everyone like to hear when they’ve done a good job, it shows you’re engaged in the work they do. More than just a slap on the back, you’re making them feel noticed, which is important. A team that feels valued is less likely to look for that validation in a new job.


  1. Build Relationships


While it is important to maintain a certain level of boundaries in your relationship with your employees, it doesn’t mean you can’t have relationships with them. By taking the time to get to know them, both in and out of office, you’re establishing a connection with them. More than just showing them they matter to you as people and not just workers, you’re creating a safe space where they may feel more comfortable coming to you with concerns.


  1. Develop Ownership


Ultimately, your team will be most passionate when they believe in what they’re doing. Transparency around the mission and initiatives will keep them on the same page and working toward the same goals. Cast a vision for the future of your business and invite them to buy-in for where the company plans to grow.


  1. Create a Good Atmosphere


At the end of the day, even an environment that is inviting and not hostile can make all the difference in an employee’s happiness. Keep the air healthy and bring in plants. Allow natural sunlight to stream in where possible. Creating a space where people want to work is essential.

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