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5 Skills to Improve Your Business’s Social Media Presence

March 30th, 2018

In 2018, social media can’t be avoided. It seems like everyone and their mother, plus their mothers, has some sort of social account. This means it’s more important for businesses to effectively use the appropriate platforms to reach their audience.


While it can be tempting to get on every site and blast out all your information, developing a strategy should be your first step to ensure you’re sending out what you should, where you should. Beyond this, consider these five skills to improve your business’s social media presence.


  1. Commit to sharing


Setting up social media sounds like a good idea, but the reality is it’s a commitment beyond a good idea. It involves planning, preparation and posting and can be time-consuming. This is why a plan is crucial to success. Have an internal team dedicated to keeping your platforms updated to ensure your best chance at success.


  1. Schedule in advance


Because it can be so time-consuming, having a content plan and scheduling in advance will make your life easier. A plan can be approved in advanced and scheduled to go so part of the stress is removed. This takes diligence as well, but it pays off. Keep monitoring to make sure your posts don’t appear tone deaf in light of other news, and don’t ignore the sites simply because the process is automated.


  1. Post less, listen more


It can be tempting to blast every promotional item you have out there, but algorithms are designed for conversation, not shouting. Select the most important things to share, and see what others are sharing about your company. Try to create meaningful conversations on your page. Not only does this help your image, it can help your posts take higher priority.


  1. Be passionate


If you want others to care about your posting, you need to care first. Passion translates even through a screen, so make sure yours shows through what you share.


  1. Stay engaged


Even the best plans can fail if you ignore the output. Stay active on your pages. Share, like and comment when appropriate to maintain high levels of engagement and show your audience you’re real people behind the posts.


Find your social media star

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