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What are the Best Incentives to Provide Temporary Employees?

January 28th, 2016

Temporary employees usually don’t get paid days off, they don’t get healthcare and they don’t qualify for the typical company bonuses or incentives. They also often earn less than permanent employees, although they may work a lot harder. Temporary employees may not be key to the success or failure of an enterprise, but they can certainly contribute to the degree of success or failure. In some cases, they can make a huge difference. Temporary employees have a significant role, albeit depending on the job profiles, and it is necessary for companies to have incentives to motivate these professionals.

Here are some of the best incentives you can consider offering to your temporary employees.

Regular Recognition Goes A Long Way

Recognize the contribution or the good work done by the temporary employees. You could have a temp of the month or year if they would work that long. You could have a trophy or a memento, a certificate or any souvenir that will motivate the temps. You could offer them some earned time off. You could give them a comp off or a short holiday of two days. There are many ways of recognizing and you would obviously not be able to offer something that is too pricey or detrimental to your business. Do the math and come up with what is doable.

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Perks for Temporary Employees

You could offer your temporary employees free beverages, snacks, and meals. Perhaps give access to the company discount program or you could have structured performance bonuses. You cannot have the same incentive programs for your full-time permanent employees and temporary employees. Hence, it is best to have a performance bonus that the temps are aware of and they would work hard to earn, which would further help your business. Free lunches work really well. They are better than earned time off as the temporary employees can stay at work and enjoy their lunch or would just need their lunch hour to enjoy the perk. Access to company discount programs is also a very nice choice.

Offer Voluntary Benefit Options to Your Temps

You could think of voluntary benefits as well. Temporary employees don’t make enough money, certainly much less than permanent employees. They are likely to have some inconveniences, most of which could be financial. Voluntary benefits like a program helping with living expenses, rent, healthcare or commutes would be very appreciated by temporary employees.

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