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3 Ways to Say No When a Job Offer Just Doesn’t Feel Like a Good Fit for You

January 21st, 2016

Getting a job can be life altering. But merely accepting any job is not. You need a job that will have a desired impact on your life. You must be able to use your skills, you should be able to develop a career, the salaries and perks should be adequate, you must be able to have a substantial balance between your professional and personal life and the company should have a good enough workplace where you aren’t hassled or made to work in unpleasant conditions. There could be one or many reasons why a particular job may be ideal for you or absolutely not right.

When you know for certain that a particular job offer is not a good fit for you, it is imperative for you to turn down. Many jobseekers compromise on their choices because of the lack of available jobs. If that is the case, you can consider working for a while before you get a better offer. If you have options and thus the freedom to choose, then you can and should turn down the job offer. However, you may be asked for a reason so be prepared with one.

3 Ways to Decline a Job Offer

“Sorry, I have accepted another job offer”

You can simply say that you have been offered another job that you like more. You may be prompted to state how that job is different or better than the one you are turning down. You could highlight the relevance of skills, the entire package and you can also cite growth or future prospects if you want. It is absolutely rational and professional to talk about such aspects.

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“Thank you, but the job offer does not meet my financial needs”

If you don’t like the salary or the perks of the job offer and that is the reason why you are turning down the offer, then just be upfront. You can always say that the salary is less than what you expected and thus you wouldn’t be able to take up on the offer. In some cases, the employer may counteroffer with a better starting salary and other perks.

“Unfortunately, a personal matter forces me to move to another area at this time”

Another very handy way of turning down a job offer is to cite family or convenience as a reason. You could say that you have chosen a job in another area, for convenience or because it is a family decision. It is entirely acceptable for graduates or relatively inexperienced professionals to seek parental advice or recommendations from family and relatives before taking up a job.

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