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How LinkedIn can Boost Your Job Search

June 13th, 2014

Millions of people have created LinkedIn accounts in the hopes of networking with their peers, but not many realize how helpful the social site can be when it comes to a job search. This social network is an excellent place to find companies that are looking for talented professionals to fill open jobs. So, make sure you are using the site to your advantage, especially when looking for a new job.

Here’s how to harness the power of LinkedIn for your next job search:

Connect with Recruiters
One thing you absolutely need to do is connect with recruiters who also use LinkedIn. You can join groups that recruiters are known to hang out in as they look for talent to fill open jobs. While in those groups make sure that you plant seeds about your personal brand, your achievements and your career goals. Recruiters who are lurking in the groups will take notice and might contact you about possible interviews.

Target and Outreach to Companies
You can take advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer by using it to target companies with mailers and other communications. Job seekers need to understand that they should contact companies whether or not job openings have been posted. Many job seekers who who contact an employer right before a job is posted might wind up being on the top of the company’s wish list to fill that specific position. If you are connected with a company on LinkedIn, be sure to discuss and comment on the content they share. This will help you get noticed by the company and show them how invested you are in the industry.

Do Not Forget Regular Networking
One benefit of LinkedIn that no one should forget here is that of networking. This is a vital feature of the site that many users simply do not put into use on a regular basis. Why? It is possible that they are satisfied with their current job or feel that they will never find themselves out of work. In today’s unsure job market, it is always best to network, no matter how secure your job might be at the time.

Obtain Endorsements
Another excellent way to boost your job search using LinkedIn is to obtain endorsements from people who know you well and can write glowing recommendations of your work. You can obtain these endorsements by endorsing the connections in your account who you want an endorsement from in return. You can even private message connections asking for recommendations on specific projects or achievements he or she might know you completed throughout your career.

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