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5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Newest Employee Is “All Talk”

April 11th, 2019

Bringing on a new employee is always a risk. You use the interviews to get to know them and believe they’ll do a good job, but the only way to truly know is see them on the job. In the best situations, they come on and deliver everything they promised in the interview – and more! Unfortunately, there are times when your new employee appears to be “all talk.”


  1. They Aren’t Focused on Team Goals

Even though they know the specific projects and goals for the team, they’re putting off that work to focus on what they feel is more important. Ambition is good, but being a good team player is crucial. Failure to work with their teammates at the beginning could be a bad sign for their future.


  1. They’re Full of Ideas and Opinions Without Any Real Results

In meetings, your new employee is full of input and suggestions about what should happen and the way everything should work. These ideas may be incredible, but it doesn’t matter if they don’t have the necessary follow through. Ideas without execution don’t benefit a business.


  1. They View Their Schedule as Flexible

More workplaces are moving toward flexible work hours for employees, but that doesn’t mean it should be the normal assumption, especially for a new employee. Whether they’re coming in late, taking long lunches or leaving early, disrespecting the standard work schedule is a bad sign about the kind of employee they actually are.


  1. They Never Do Anything Wrong

When something happens, they’re confused and have no idea how it happened. Instead of examining their own actions, they’re quick to point fingers and tell you how it was everyone else’s fault but theirs. While it might not be their fault, there’s a difference between acknowledging a mistake by a team and playing the blame game to save their own neck.

  1. They Delegate Everything

Depending on their role, they may develop an early skill for passing tasks to assistants or lower ranking employees. Delegating is a healthy way of maintaining work-life balance, except when it takes essential job responsibilities from your new hire and places them as a burden on everyone else.


Don’t Settle for a Big Talker

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