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Why Your Interviewer Didn’t Call You for a Second Interview

September 5th, 2014

Interviewing for a job can be stressful, especially when you are searching for your first job out of college or have been unemployed for a prolonged period. It can become an even more stressful situation when the interviewer does not call you back for a second interview. Waiting around for a call-back is no fun at all — it seems the longer you wait the more you second ¬†guess your ability to find a job. A failure to get a second interview can happen due to various factors, some of which are due to things you either did or did not do well during the first interview.

5 Reasons You Haven’t Received a Call Back for Round 2 of Interviews

Salary Requirements Outside the Range

One of the most telling reasons why an interviewer did not call you back for a second interviewer is because of your salary requirements. Even though you were brought in for an initial interview, the interviewer might have wanted to see if you were worth the money you were asking for from the company. An excellent way to fix this problem is by listing the salary of the job for which you are applying for others in the region. Then, make sure you note that you are open to negotiation.

Failure to Include a Cover Letter

Another common reason for not receiving a call for a second interview is that fact that you did not include a cover letter in your application. You might have even forgotten to bring one with you to the first interview. This can quickly disqualify you from the running for the position. Even if a job posting does not require one; it is always best to submit a cover letter with your application.

Social Media Profile Issues

Even if you are not looking for a new job, it is imperative that you keep your social media profiles clean and free of inappropriate content. This is especially important when you are actually going on job interviews. More often than not, candidates will not be called back for a second interview if they post inappropriate images or content on their social media profiles. Avoid speaking ill of former employers, posting content about drugs or alcohol and posting with too many grammatical errors.

The Questions You Did or Did Not Ask

In many cases, the questions that you did or did not ask during the first interview could have played a role in not receiving a callback for a second interview. It is important for you to have questions prepared for the first interview that pertain to the company, the job itself and what is expected of you if offered the job. If you fail to ask any questions, or only ask questions pertaining to salary, then you might not be called for a second interview.

Failure to Make an Impression

One of the most common reasons why a job candidate was not called back for a second interview is due to the failure to make an impression on the interviewer during the initial interview. Impressions are made in the first 30 seconds of meeting someone, so make sure you provide the interviewer with the best picture of you possible.

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