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How to Use a Bad Job Experience in Your Next Role

June 29th, 2017

There are some jobs you take in order to further your career or to expand your skill set. And then there are some jobs you take just because you need to make ends meet. Not every job will be a good experience. But with the right attitude, every job can prove to be useful and educational. In fact, sometimes the jobs that are our least favorite can help us grow the most.

Bad Experience With Co-Workers?

Have you ever had a job where you felt completely isolated from your co-workers? It may have been the result of office gossip, conflicting personalities or having an attitude of “all work and no play.” Whatever the case, it is never fun to work in a place where you feel you have no allies. How can you use an experience like this in your next role?

Consider what may have gone wrong. Was there anything you could do to improve relations with your co-workers? It may be hard to admit, but perhaps you could have been more friendly? Rather than focusing on the shortcomings of others, make an effort to appreciate their good qualities. And make sure to give sincere commendation when appropriate.

Salary Negotiations

Marie Gervais, PhD., CEO of Shift Management, wrote a blog about things she’s learned over the years. One bad experience she recalls had to do with salary. “I was so grateful to have work – I did have four children after all – that I just took the job and the salary and got started. Later I found out that the men who had the same position had ALL asked for a higher salary and they ALL received it.”

Unfortunately, this is a common mistake in the job search world – taking the first job, without even attempting to negotiate for a higher salary. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you know how frustrating it can be. But, like Gervais, you can learn a valuable lesson from the experience. You must go into an interview knowing what you are worth, and be confident enough to ask for the salary you deserve!

What to Look For Next

Sometimes, the only thing you learn from a job is you can’t stand the position. Even that can be a good lesson to learn, though. If you know what you don’t want to do, you can avoid wasting time applying for jobs that won’t suit you. And you will, hopefully, be able to have greater success at your next role.

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