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The Secret Benefits of Partnering with a Staffing Firm to Find Top Employees

March 28th, 2016

Is your organization struggling to find the right kinds of people to fit the right kinds of jobs? There are shortages in many industries and this is expected to continue because of lower than normal unemployment numbers. In other words, it’s a candidate market right now.

Want to know the best-kept secret in the recruitment industry? Smart companies know that it’s possible to find top talent by partnering with a staffing agency in their region.

Benefits of Working with Staffing Firms

There are some key benefits to working with staffing firms in the Atlanta and surrounding areas, which we will review here.

Greater access to a pool of available candidates

Want immediate access to candidates who are searching for jobs right now? A staffing agency has a ready pool of talent that has already been validated for their skills and experience. In other words, no waiting for weeks to find the best people. And their skills are some of the finest in the industry so there’s no guesswork when hiring.

Pre-screened and background checked

All the candidates who are approved to work for the staffing agency are already vetted carefully by the recruitment management team. Their work references are verified, they have been background checked for criminal histories, credit scores, and workers’ compensation claims, and they can be drug tested before placement. All of the upfront administrative tasks are handled upfront.

Temporary candidates can be replaced

If a company wants to hire the best people, very often a lot can be determined about their success in the early days on the job. That’s what’s so beautiful about the temp to perm hiring model. Employers can evaluate a candidate’s performance during the temporary period and either chose to replace them with a more suitable candidate, or proceed with a job offer.

Along with the above benefits, partnering with a staffing agency is a more cost effective and efficient way of hiring today. There’s no guesswork and the staffing agency can work with any organization to come up with a solid recruitment and staffing plan for periods of rapid growth, special projects, and peak production cycles.

About Staffing Resources

Staffing Resources, established in 1985, is a privately held Atlanta-based corporation and a certified Female Business Enterprise. We provide a wide range of full- and part-time employees to businesses, associations, government and non-profit organizations in the metro Atlanta area.

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