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You Can be a Great Manager | Tips on Management Strategy

November 14th, 2014

It is not that difficult to be a great manager in today’s workplace. In fact, there are a few simple steps you can take to put yourself above the rest of the management pack at your company. When you put these steps into action, you should have no trouble displaying leadership, poise and the other qualities that all great managers exude on the job.

Here’s how to rise above the rest as a manager to earn respect and admiration from your subordinates.

What Great Managers Need

Great managers need to have a host of skills, traits and qualities that include the following:

  • Treat others like adults
  • Unquestioned integrity
  • Make it possible for others to succeed
  • Delegate challenging, genuine work that matters
  • Do not have a know it all attitude
  • Lead by example
  • Always looking out for the team
  • No ego present in their office
  • They pitch in
  • Know how to drive employees to success
  • Open and honest
  • Fun and rewarding to work with

Be Straightforward

A great manager is straightforward with his or her employees on a daily basis. Strong managers do not sugarcoat bad news to employees, does not hide facts and never tries to spin information into their favor. Even if the truth is not what employees want to hear in the morning, a great manager will still be honest with their employees.

When a manager is straightforward, or honest, it promotes a culture of openness. Honesty in the workplace will also improve the efficiency of your employees because they will not take part in rumors or misinterpretation, which creates an environment of procrastination.

Put Right People in the Right Jobs

Great managers will know how to put the right people in the right job that matches their personality and their skills. Instead of trying to get a person to fit into their job, a great manager knows who will perform best in specific jobs. This helps companies succeed and individual departments perform well within the company.

Manage Conflict Actively

Another trait of a great manager is to manage conflict actively. When a manager actively manages conflict, he or she will be able to face issues head-on instead of avoiding them. When managers can successfully navigate adversity such as turf wars, missed deadlines, qualms amongst co-workers and having to fire employees, they become great in their job.

Conduct Meaningful One-on-One Meetings

Great managers will conduct meaningful one-on-one meetings with their employees. Some companies require such meetings, while other companies do not even encourage it. A great manager should schedule these meetings with direct reports either weekly or bi-weekly and make sure you stick to the schedule.

Becoming a great manager in today’s high-paced business world is not as difficult as many people think it is. So long as you perform one or more of the tips outlined above, you could become a great manager in no time.

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