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Top 3 Job Seeker Resources from 2015

December 27th, 2015

The last year has been a whirlwind of changes in the labor market, the way companies recruit and hire people, and the way that job seekers manage their careers. Staffing Resources is proud to have supported the career goals of hundreds of candidates during the year, with part time and full time temporary and permanent placement in great jobs in the greater Atlanta region. We are looking forward to another strong year with many more career success stories.

This is also a good time to take a quick look back at the things that made our year rewarding and interesting. Please enjoy our top 3 job seeker resources for 2015:

How to List Multiple Jobs in a Short Period of Time in Your Resume
The start of the New Year is the opportune time to update your professional resume, but a common issue that job seekers face is having too many short term jobs. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including having a few seasonal jobs, temp assignments, or a limited work history. Fortunately, this article shares expert advice on how to make your work history stand out in a positive way when you have multiple jobs to add to a resume.

Why Following Up After the Interview is Crucial
Are you nervous or unsure of how to follow up with recruiters after you’ve interviewed for a job? You are not alone. Many job seekers find this too awkward, therefore they choose not to do it. But this is a mistake as this article will show. We love the great tips that can help anyone follow up effectively and land a job offer!

5 Motivational Tips to Share with Your Team
Being a manager means continually finding ways to inspire and motivate your team to greatness. It can be a tough prospect. But these top motivational quotes are some of our favorites in terms of boosting employee engagement and productivity of your workers. Use them in training meetings, whenever you send out emails, and to encourage your best people.

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