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Time to Start Pumping the Brakes on the Company Culture Speech

April 24th, 2020

At this point, you probably know the right words to say to a candidate interviewing for a job. You included all the current buzzwords in the job description to entice them, and now they’re here. He or she will ask about your company culture you begin the spiel on everything you have to offer and why it’s a fantastic place to work.  


The question is, can you back up your speech? 

Every company will say their culture is great, but what does that even mean? A candidate will hear the same phrases at every place they interview, causing everything to become muddled and generic. Rather than going full speed ahead with your stock company culture speech, you need to pump the brakes and ask yourself what makes your company great? 


Low Turnover Rate

While you can’t eliminate all turnover, one clear sign that your company culture is as great as you think is that your turnover rate is low. This is a quantifiable fact to communicate with your candidates that indicates people want to and continue to work for you. 


Mission In Action

More than just a few words in the employee handbook, your company mission is a living, breathing piece of your organization. It’s adopted by your team and taken on by the individuals in their specific tasks. Together, you are all working toward the same goals and values. You can provide examples of this in the interview and allow the candidate to experience it by talking to current employees.  


Genuine Approach 

This ties into both your speech to the candidate and your leadership overall. Most people can detect or at least suspect a phony, so you don’t want your speech to be anything but accurate. If you are being honest and speaking from a place of passion, that will come through to the candidate. Plus, your employees will daily see your dedication and firm belief in them, improving your culture.  


Positive Environment

You can say all you want about how wonderful the workplace is, but all it takes is one day on the job for a new employee to see if that’s true. A toxic workplace is hard to hide, especially when gossip runs rampant. Work to always boost positivity and encourage healthy conflict resolution to avoid cliques or chronic bad attitudes.  


Find the Right Fit With Staffing Resources

The other side of your company culture is finding the employee who will fit in with your organization. You want someone talented, qualified, and aligns with what you believe. Fortunately, Staffing Resources can help you find these candidates in less time. It doesn’t matter if you need someone temporary or for the long haul, we have the staffing solutions you need. Learn more about our service process and get started today!  

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