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What’s Got Your Employees Running for the Hills?

April 17th, 2020

You expect turnover in your business, but have you ever wondered why it’s happening so quickly? After going through the long and arduous process of hiring a new employee, they leave within a few months, and you’re left scratching your head. Maybe you’re starting to notice even the team members you thought were loyal are leaving for greener pastures. What can you do? Consider these reasons why employees leave a company quickly and decide if you need to make changes.  


Management Issues

It’s been said that a person doesn’t quit their job, they quit their manager, and regrettably, this often turns out to be true. A supervisor that causes an employee to leave isn’t always a tyrant, bullying his or her subordinates constantly. Sometimes it’s simply they’re bad communicators or unprepared for the role.  

One of the most important things to an employee is to feel heard – they want to know they have a voice in the company. If a manager continues to withhold information and now act on or address a team member’s concern, then that person will feel overlooked and unimportant.  

If you promote one of your team into a management role because of their job performance but don’t adequately train them to lead, you could face similar problems. This inexperience can prove detrimental to your retention goals.  


No Way to Move Up

Even if an employee is excited about the role he or she is hired for, they may quickly realize there isn’t anywhere for them to go. Depending on company structure or growth tracks, they may see other employees holding the same roles for years and years and hear that new opportunities don’t frequently appear. Once they believe there’s no room to grow, they may start looking for a company where they can.  


Poor Company Culture

This one encompasses several different areas, but they’re all important. Examining your company culture involves looking at your policies, mission, and general workplace vibe to see if it’s a place where someone would want to work. A task with no real guidance and strict, outdated policies are frequently the reason why your talent will head somewhere else.  


Low Engagement

Wanting your team to be engaged is not the same as having an engaged team. If your employees feel like they aren’t a part of the mission because everything they should work for is being told to them instead of discussed with them, they will be more inclined to leave. Low engagement can occur with new employees or the ones who’ve been there for years, leading to ongoing retention issues.  


Success Works Here

Turnover is inevitable, but regrettable hires don’t have to be. Partner with Staffing Resources and find yourself hiring Atlanta’s most qualified talent. Contact us today! 

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