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Why Following Up After an Interview is Crucial

August 7th, 2015

Getting a job is a tough prospect today, particularly when there is a lot of competition from other job seekers on a global scale. What used to be a simple process of interviewing for a job in your local area and having to deal with a handful of other applicants has transformed into jobs being posted online and thousands of candidates from every state lining up for their shot at success. This means job seekers have to be smart and think of ways to stand out from other candidates.

One effective way to accomplish this is to follow up after every job interview in a strategic way. Here’s why following up is crucial to your success, with some helpful tips on doing this well.

Following up shows you are genuinely interested in the company

When you take the time to follow up after the interview, this lets the hiring manager know you are actually interested in the company and not just looking for a job. You will stand out from other candidates this way.

Following up jogs the memory of the hiring manager

Your quick follow up may remind the hiring manager who you are, which will prompt he or she to pull out your resume and give it another look. This can often put you at the top of the pile or you may get asked for a second interview sooner.

Following demonstrates professionalism and courtesy

It’s always a professional courtesy to check back in with someone once you have had a meeting with them. So a follow up takes care of this and shows the hiring manager you are serious about the job. Following up can serve as a “tie-breaker” because it’s courteous and can provide you with valuable feedback regardless of the outcome.

Following up reminds the hiring manager to make a decision soon

Many hiring managers and recruiters get super busy with the day to day aspects of their jobs that things can get away from them. Following up helps to remind them that they need to make a hiring decision or at least let candidates know their status.

How to follow up after an interview

There are some easy guidelines for checking back in once you have had a job interview. Use these for your career success.

  • Send a thank you note the day after your interview – Take the time to jot a note of appreciation immediately after the job interview, addressed to the person you met with, and drop it in the nearest mailbox.
  • Wait a week before emailing or calling the recruiter – It’s important to give the hiring manager adequate time to check your background, work references, and validate your education. This can take a week or more. Follow up by phone or email in a friendly “check in” message.
  • Be patient during the next few weeks of waiting – The hiring manager may need additional time to check your career background against the requirements of the job, including meeting with other members of the decision-making team. Just check in at least once a week for updates.

If you are working with a staffing agency to get on board with a company, follow up with the recruiter at periodic intervals.

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