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Understanding Work Life Balance and the Importance of Letting Both Blend Together

August 15th, 2016

Work-life balance can be a difficult concept to wrap your brain around, however it is absolutely critical in today’s workplace that employees feel supported in both their professional and personal lives. The truth is, employees do not need to have balance and any one area of their life. Instead, there should be a blended approach to creating more work-life balance. This allows for the ebb and flow of life, including the pressures that come with having a career and other responsibilities. As an employee, you can control your own career experience.

Here are some helpful ways that you can bring more work-life balance into your work environment without sacrificing your soul.

Choose an Employer that Place is Value on Work-Life Balance

When you begin looking for a job, you may notice that some of employers indicate that they are family-friendly or that they are trying hard to create an environment of work-life balance. As you are doing a job search pay close attention to this. Evaluate the truth behind it by visiting the corporate career center on their website, reading the transparent reviews of current and past employees on company review sites, and connecting with current employees on social networks to find out if this is the case.

Make Work-Life Balance Your Own Personal Value

It’s one thing to say that you want work-life balance; but it’s another to actually carry it out. Think about some of the ways that you can create more balance in your life. For example, you could begin an exercise program to reduce stress. Or you could work in a company that allows employees to work remotely to avoid long commute times that are typical in the Atlanta area.

Blending your personal time with your professional time is certainly possible if you can work with your kids in the house or take care of some of your household duties while managing your career.

Create Good Work Habits Now

Oftentimes, people feel overwhelmed because they are not good at managing their own time. Sure it’s easy to blame their employer, but really it is about them procrastinating and not having a system for prioritizing their tasks each week. Start out by creating healthier work habits that include a calendar system for staying on top of tasks, a daily checklist for prioritizing things that need to be done, time set aside for checking emails and performing work, and a way to ask for help when you need it.

Change the Way You Work

If you are finding it challenging to stay on top of all your personal and professional needs, it could be that you need a change in the way you work. This could be as easy as stepping away from a full-time job and taking on something a lot more flexible. Or it could mean a complete career change where you can balance your personal and professional responsibilities a little better, while doing something you love.

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