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3 Ways to Manage a Constantly Late Employee

July 29th, 2016

Dealing with a constantly late employee is not a walk in the park. In fact, many managers and executives fear having to deal with such an employee, especially if he or she does excellent work while on the job. Unfortunately, tardiness costs companies in productivity. When one employee is allowed to get away with being late all the time, other employees will follow.

Here we will discuss three effective ways to manage a constantly late employee. Don’t forget; this is your company’s success on the line. Don’t let it continue.

Don’t Be Afraid to Discipline

Never be afraid to discipline the employee for constantly being late to work. Your company’s success and reputation with clients is on the line when you have a constantly late employee. If you have quietly dropped hints that the lateness must stop, or if you’ve sent multiple reminder emails, then it might be time to discipline the employee. Just make sure you have reminded the employee of your company’s rules when it comes to reporting time. Discipline can include a one-day suspension, the loss of a vacation day or a formal reprimand in the employee’s personnel file.

Let Them Know you are Watching

One of the best ways to deal with a constantly late employee is to let them know you are watching. You don’t need to micromanage what they are doing, but simple gestures can show them you know they routinely show up late for work. This can be done by walking by their desk after they show up late, saying good morning to them at the door when they arrive late or doing something else that acknowledges their presence in the office.

Grab Lunch

This might seem out of the ordinary, but it might be a good idea to grab lunch with your constantly late employee to solve the issue. When the employee’s tardiness has become too much, take them to lunch one day when they come in late. While at lunch you can have a private, intimate conversation to find out what the reason has been for their tardiness. You might find out the employee has been dealing with an illness in the family, a loss, or a physical ailment that they did not feel comfortable disclosing around others in the office. You can now handle the situation as you see fit.

Dealing with a constantly late employee is not fun for anyone involved. Be sure you have a plan ready before you approach the employee about why he or she has been late so often.

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