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Are Your Best Employees Starting to Look for Work Somewhere Else?

June 30th, 2016

As a manager, you may think just because people are not grumbling or quitting that they are happy and loyal as always. But this may not be the case. One study conducted by CareerBuilder revealed that as many as 60 percent of all employees are actively searching for work elsewhere while on the company clock. This includes your best employees who would leave for a raise in pay or a more challenging job.

How can you tell if your employees are starting to sneak around looking for other jobs? Here are a few signs to be on the watch for.

  • A formerly friendly employee starts to become sullen and disconnected from others
  • The team starts to bicker and there are frequent conflicts happening
  • Certain employees stop participating in group projects and taking on new tasks
  • Loyal employees start taking unplanned time off and calling out sick
  • An employee acts suspicious about his or her computer use

These are hard signs to spot, but can often be things that managers can pay attention to if they think a good employee is looking elsewhere.

How can you prevent best employees from leaving?

The good news is that any problem in the workplace can be remedied. All it takes is good management and a strategy. If you want to prevent the loss of great employees, then you need to do two things.

  1. Find out why an employee may be thinking about leaving
  2. Provide what the employee needs to stay on board and happy

Send a survey out to your employees and ask them to talk about what they like about the company, what they like about the management, what they want from their work experience, and what they are unhappy with. Then hold a meeting to discuss the findings. Keep it confidential, but something that can be talked about in a group.

Schedule meetings with your employees, on an individual basis. Ask them how you can support their career goals and what they are most unhappy about. Let them know you are working on improving things and if they can stay onboard with you while this happens there will be better opportunities for them.

Start making corrections to the current workplace. Some things can be simple, such as increasing flexibility of work shifts, adding better lighting and furnishings to the office, and adding opportunities for advancement. Others may need more time, such as conducting salary increases and boosting the benefits plan.

Make the improvements and keep the doors open with your employees to see if things get any better.

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