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5 Words and Phrases EVERY Job Seeker Should Take Off of their Resume

June 10th, 2016

Are you having trouble getting a response when sending out your resume to potential employers? There could be a couple of reasons for this, but one common issue is the use of undesirable words and phrases on an resume that do more harm than good. Each year, LinkedIn conducts a survey to determine the most overused words and phrases that members use on their profiles. Additionally, CareerBuilder surveyed HR managers and came up with a list of words that need to stay off a resume. Both of which are good guides for what NOT to have on your resume.

Based on the LinkedIn and CareerBuilder surveys, here are the top 5 words and phrases every job seeker should immediately remove from their resume.

Best of breed

When hiring managers were presented with this phrase, an overwhelming 38 percent of the CareerBuilder people said this was the worst thing to see on a resume. Why? It’s snotty and presumptuous, making any candidate sound like he or she is trying to be more than they really are.

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Think outside of the box, highly creative

Well of course you are, but these phrases and words get so overused it seems like everyone is. Instead, try being a problem solver, which is a skill more employers value today.

Motivated, driven to success

This is a popular phrase that people put on their resumes to try to impress others. But, it actually sounds a little like the person is trying too hard to sound motivated and success-oriented. It can also sound a little selfish. Instead, give clear examples of your work and how it contributed to success for the company.

Go to person, extensive experience

It’s one thing to be a true expert in a unique area of business or technology. You may have a lot of experience too, but you often earn this when you aren’t doing what you truly want to do in life. Being a go-to person sounds nice, but it also makes a candidate sound like a know-it-all and no one likes that kind of person.

Go-getter, enthusiastic

Again, what’s with the word ‘go’ added to every phrase? Leave it off your resume, please. It kind of sounds like you could go work for another competing company any time. Instead of using words that try to emphasize your energetic self, including information about your lifestyle like you are an avid 5K participant or you have run your own company before. See the difference?

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