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Growing Your Workforce Among Seasonal Demand

May 17th, 2016

Every company experiences some type of seasonal demand for more employees, but this generally subsides once the season ends. However, in some cases a company may be looking to grow their workforce at the same time that there is a seasonal demand. This can make it challenging because competitors may also be trying to hire some of your best seasonal help.

How can your organization plan for workforce growth during seasonal peaks for staffing demand?

Conduct a Skills Gap Assessment

Instead of merely focusing on hiring warm bodies to help out during busy seasons, why not conduct a thorough skills assessment in advance to hire strategically for these skills? Do this at least 3-4 months before the season picks up. Then you will have people on board who have the skills you need, and you can offer the top performers a permanent place with your company once things slow down.

Source Talent Using a Staffing Agency

Partner with your staffing agency in Atlanta to source, screen, and select your seasonal help. Give your recruitment director a list of the skills you need for this season, and updated job descriptions to help make this process a smooth one. Create a contract that your company will plan to hire at least 25 percent of the employees, of those who perform well during the busy season.

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Go Where the Talent Is

Spending time cultivating positive relationships with both passive and active talent can be a good way to bring on excellent help for the season and then develop them into long-term employees. Spend time recruiting on social networks, professional associations, and local business mixers where promising talent can be found.

Hire with Long-Term in Mind

Instead of thinking about your seasonal staffing as temporary, think about it as a way to seek out your next permanent employees. Hire your seasonal employees in Atlanta with longevity in mind, looking at the potential that each brings to the team. You will be pleased with these hires as they will be worth your investment and time.

Get to Those Colleges and Universities

There will be many graduates looking for careers going into the summer and other busy seasons. Take the time to beat out competing firms by getting to know the guidance staff at colleges in Atlanta and surrounding states where top performance students may be looking for internships or their first career experience.

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