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How to Find a Job Your Passionate About..Not Just One That Pays the Bills

February 22nd, 2016

As you’ve been searching for a job, you are probably just thinking that you need one that pays the bills and gives you a little time off to relax on weekends. But, what if you switch your thinking around a bit to focus on finding a job that you can be passionate about? The kind of job that gets you out of bed each morning, excited about the possibility of each day. Is there a job like this out there for you?

The answer is, “Yes!”

It’s possible to find a job that you are passionate about, that is, if you have an idea of what stirs your heart and gets you going. Here’s some ways to tell if a job will rate high on the passion-o-meter:

Does the job exist in an industry that you love?

Think about the industries that really interest you, the things you love to learn about and hear about. This can be in your current career path or something new. Maybe it’s an aspect of an industry you like, for example recruitment or sales. This is the start of where you identify what you are most passionate about and then focus your job search efforts.

Is the job related to a personal passion or interest?

Everyone has a few personal interests, hobbies, or things that they stand for. What are yours? Maybe you are strong about serving in your community, so a job in a public office or community service of some type would suit you. Maybe you like leading others and you are management material.

Can you see yourself making a real difference in this job?

As you search through job openings in your areas of interest, try to picture yourself in that role. Can you make a difference there? Is there any opportunity to grow as a professional and as you contribute to the organization? The biggest reward will be when you know you are having a positive impact on the lives of other people.

How much money would it take to convince you to take this job?

If money was no object, would you take the job that is really getting you excited? This should tell you that no money can make up for the purpose you have in front of you. Take a chance and apply for the job, demonstrating your passion for the work and the industry through your words.

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