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4 Reasons to find a Career Mentor ASAP

February 8th, 2016

In a perfect world, everyone would know exactly what direction to take with their career. All the right decisions would be made all the time. And the answers to questions and problems would just appear. But, in the real world, it can be difficult if not scary at times trying to navigate the waters of a new career.

This is where having access to knowledge from others who have been in this place and got through it is invaluable. A mentor can provide this kind of support to anyone who is struggling to get started or rise up the corporate ladder in any career.

Not convinced you need a mentor yet? Here are 4 reasons to find a career mentor asap.

A mentor is someone who wants you to succeed.

Imagine having a coach in your corner who is rooting for your success? How powerful this can be! A mentor can be this person in your life, cheering you on and supporting you during the good and bad times in your career. If for no other reason, get a mentor to be your own source of encouragement.

A mentor is someone who has all the right connections.

One of the best reasons to find a career mentor early on is because this is someone who has made strategic connections over many years. When the time is right, your mentor can introduce you to influential people who can help you fast track your way to career success.

Mentors are eager to teach you what they know.

You will get some knowledge from a college degree and maybe a little more from an internship experience, but you won’t get to the heart of your career without a mentor. Why? A mentor will lay it all out for you and be honest and candid with you. You’ll know what to expect in your career without all the fluff.

A mentor is a lifelong connection.

Find the right mentor early on in your career, and you’ve got a confidant, a friend, and a loyal supporter for life. A mentor will be an example for you to follow, and you can learn so much from this arrangement. Mentors stay in the background for the most part, but they are there for you when you stumble in any area of your career. They are connected to you and you are connected to others through them.

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