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Making Your Newest Employees Comfortable with Your Existing Team

October 9th, 2015

Setting your team up for success often brings with it certain challenges. Introducing new team members to the group can shake things up a bit. However, it’s important to have a system for integrating new hires with your exiting work teams quickly. Why? This brings them up to speed in their role and it increases the likelihood that they will stay with your company for the long term.

An Aberdeen Group survey revealed that nearly 90 percent of all employees make the decision to stay onboard in their first year, and that the initial impression they have with the company matters. Therefore, in order for employees to have a good experience, the sooner they can become comfortable with the team, the better. Here are some ways you can manage this.

  1. Give them their own work space from day one
    When employees start a new job, they need a work environment that welcomes them from the start. Not having an assigned work space can set things off on the wrong foot with new hires, leaving them feeling as if they don’t have a real place there. Instead, offer an empty desk in the middle of your existing team and advise other employees to help them get oriented.
  2. Make all the introductions
    On the first day and throughout the first week on the job, make sure your new hire is introduced to each member of your team. Do this in person. Make it a point to physically walk the new hire around and make the meet and greet a formal thing. Find common interests and keep this friendly and light. Boast about the new hire to all senior managers. Connect the new hire with a seasoned mentor.
  3. Include the new hire right away
    Make the new hire an immediate part of your team and help them feel welcome by inclusion. Invite the new hire to sit with team members for meetings, and for lunches, and for all team related activities. Add the new hire to the team calendar and share all the information they need to be successful in their new role. Encourage open communications and dialogue so the new hire can ask questions and get support.
  4. Give the new employee an important team project
    To help the new hire get better acquainted and feel welcome as part of the team, give him or her a new project to work on with at least one other team member. This will aid the new hire in learning about other team members, and help bring out their own strengths and value in the process. Praise and offer feedback as much as possible.

By using the above tips, you can help to reduce some of the anxieties of the new hire and help them to feel more welcome as part of your team.

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