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Rethinking Your Job Search | Including Social Media in Your Strategy

September 30th, 2015

Every so often, job candidates should rethink their job search strategy in order to get things going in a positive direction. Not every job search will yield positive results, which can become frustrating over time. This is why you should sit down and rethink how you are approaching the job descriptions you come across on career pages and job sites. What you really need to consider is including social media in your job search strategy. Here are some tips:

Announce Your Job Search

An excellent way to take advantage of social media in a job search is by actually announcing on your social media accounts that you are looking for a job. Create your resume in a cloud drive document that can be shared.

Post the link to the document to your Twitter account with a tweet that says something along the lines of the following: “I have updated my resume and am looking for a job in law enforcement.” This lets all of your followers know you are looking for something. They might not know of any openings right now, but might be able to send your tweet to someone who does.

Use Facebook to Network

There is nothing wrong with using Facebook to network for a job. In fact, it is sometimes much better than using LinkedIn. The people you are connected to on Facebook will undoubtedly know you much better than your connections on LinkedIn because you will likely be lifelong friends. They will be able to point you to companies hiring in your industry or friends of theirs who are looking for employees.

Research Hiring Managers

You should use social media to conduct research on hiring managers prior to submitting a resume or application for review. Use the Advanced People Search on LinkedIn for this task. You can search for people by name, keyword and location. Learn a little about them before submitting your information for the open job.

Take Part in Industry Chats on Twitter

Twitter is much more than just tweeting out information about yourself or opinions of the world. You should use this social media network to take part in chats within your industry. They occur every single day across almost every profession, so why not take part and share have your voice and expertise heard?

As you can see, social media is an important part of the job search today. Make sure you take advantage of all it has to offer the next time you look for a job.

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