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Using Company Culture to Hire – Why It Matters

August 18th, 2015

Every company wants to hire the best possible people, especially those who will fit into the unique corporate culture. Hiring candidates based on their suitability for the corporate culture is something that many more recruiters are focused on today. Why? When candidates match up well with the culture of the organization, they tend to become a lasting part of it.

Let’s face it. Hiring isn’t cheap. Between the time to advertise, interview, and screen candidates to developing compensation packages that attract the best candidates, it can cost as much as a half-year’s salary to place just one employee. If there is a poor fit because the candidate doesn’t thrive in the corporate culture, this process and the costs start all over.

Why hire for corporate culture?

Longevity of employment and reducing costs per hire are not the only reasons to recruit and hire based on corporate culture fit. There are a number of other factors to consider.

Good corporate fit increases productivity

When employees are a good fit for the company culture, they tend to blend right in with work teams to become highly productive right away. This helps increase revenues for the company, and increases team work and collaboration on new projects.

Corporate fit improves the customer experience

Not only are employees more productive, but because they are happy and in with the corporate culture, their enthusiasm extends to the way they treat customers. They are pleasant to work with and they are excited about what they are doing to serve customers. A good culture fit helps clients to understand your uniqueness in the market and they see this through your employees.

Hiring for corporate fit honors business values

When the corporate culture is the primary focus of hiring, this effort helps to promote the values of the company. This means the company is more authentic instead of trying to fit into someone else’s idea of what it should be or how it should operate. Having a strong set of values supported by employees who share them too is a good business strategy for building the business.

Corporate culture hiring improves relationships

Within the company, when employees and management teams all share the same goals and have similar values, they get along a lot better. Less conflict means more work is produced to higher standards. Management is able to develop key leaders and this supports business growth and innovation.

For the above reasons, when you are working with your staffing agency in Atlanta, be sure to share your corporate culture so that your recruitment team can hire the best employees for your business.

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