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How to Identify Ambitious Employees and Why it’s Important

June 25th, 2015

Most workplaces are made up of hard working people who care about the tasks they perform and the results they get. However, among these good folks are some who have dreams far beyond the four walls of the office. These are the truly ambitious employees who are looking for something more, a way to make a difference, and the chance to shine. Their very energy infects the teams they work on and they can be a source of motivation for others.

How can you identify ambitious employees and why is it important to do this early on?

There are some characteristics of ambitious employees to look for in the workplace. It’s important to notice these go-getters as soon as possible, because they are your biggest assets. They are the cheerleaders, the success stories, and the problem-solvers who will go the extra mile for your organization. Most of all, they are loyal employees, which is starting to become rarer in most workplaces.

You can generally spot an ambitious employee because he or she is:

  • Very eager to improve skills, knowledge, and industry acumen at every opportunity
  • A strong team leader who easily helps make things happen and brings people together
  • Loves to teach others, share new ideas, and make improvements to the way work is completed
  • Never has attendance issues, brings personal problems to work, or a poor attitude
  • Expresses the desire often to be better at work, learn more, and advance in his or her career
  • Looks for more work when other tasks have been completed and takes on new responsibilities
  • Consistently over-achieves and produces more than other employees with little effort

These are just a few of the signs of an ambitious employee that you can look for among your workers. Generally, these employees are positive and proactive in their approach to everything and to people. They are easy to like and respected by their peers.

As early as you can, make it possible for your ambitious employees to get the support they need to achieve more at work. Otherwise, they will seek outside sources to accomplish this. Match them with mentors in the organization who can support their learning. Give them rewarding tasks and the responsibility that they ask for. Monitor their progress and provide performance feedback often. These are the secrets to retaining your most ambitious employees, who will generate more revenues for your company than anyone else.

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