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How to Reduce Interview Stress When Hiring New Employees

June 19th, 2015

Job Interviews always seem to be awkward and nerve-inducing for most. Sometimes, candidates get so overwhelmed with a job interview that they cannot be themselves. Therefore, the interview doesn’t go as well as hoped for and the employer has an unclear picture of what the candidate really brings to the table. To help calm the nerves of any candidate, there are some ways to reduce interview stress when hiring new employees.

Try making the candidate feel at home

It can become routine conducting interviews with dozens of candidates every day. But, this doesn’t mean you should stop using positive communication skills – like making eye contact and smiling. The candidate is getting an idea of what the company is about from talking with you. Do you want this to be favorable or negative? Try greeting each candidate warmly with a handshake and smile, offering them a water, a quick tour of the building, and then taking them to an interview space that is comfortable.

Ease worry with ice breakers

Once you have made the initial introductions and made a little small talk, try an ice breaker to get the conversation going. An interview should not feel like an interrogation – instead encourage two-way communication and an open dialogue between you and the candidate. Open things up with a funny story or a riddle. At the very least, find a way to make the candidate laugh so that he or she will open up and start to relax some.

Give the candidate a chance to respond

Again, remember that the interview is about communication between two people. Therefore, give the candidate enough time to answer each question, and ask some of their own questions. Show interest in what the candidate is saying and be sure to smile often to reassure the candidate you are listening. Use open body language and sit forward in your chair to indicate this. Try to avoid hiding behind your notes or desk if you can.

Let the candidate know what to expect

Near the end of the interview, once all questions have been asked and the candidate has had a chance to ask questions and provide information, it’s time to wrap things up. Don’t rush the process. Let the candidate know what the next steps are, since knowing what to expect can ease any post-interview worries. Provide a general timeline for when you will be in touch with the candidate again.

Follow the above tips and you should be able to calm the nerves of any candidate enough to gain a deeper understanding of his or her value to the company. Make this a consistent part of your recruitment and interviewing process.

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