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Strategies Behind Deciding on a Job When You Have Multiple Offers

April 24th, 2015

Anymore, the job market is so difficult to predict that you can literally go on multiple interviews and receive no job offers for months, then out of the blue receive a job offer from two companies in the same day! So, what happens next after receiving multiple job offers? Do you just blindly pick one of the offers? Or, do you put a plan in place to make an informed decision? You definitely need a plan to help you make the decision and we will discuss that plan here.

Perform Advanced Research

One of the most important parts of making your career decision is to perform advanced research. This is not the time for any bland or sugar-coated research because it can cause you to make the wrong decision. You need to compile all of the information given to you during the interview process and then dig a little deeper. Thoroughly go through the entire website of both companies, read profiles of employees on LinkedIn and even join forums to read discussions about the companies. Consider directly talking to employees if you want to know what it is like to work at the company.

Perform a Self-Assessment

When presented with two job offers, you need to perform a self-assessment in order to determine which job is right for you. This part of the process can be more difficult than research the two companies because you might lose sight of what you truly need if you are desperate for income again. You cannot carelessly assess yourself when presented with two job offers. Take a long look at more than just salary and paid time off. Take into consideration the level of schedule flexibility, if travel is required and what other perks are available.

Break Down the Offers and Compare

Once the first two steps are complete, you can break down the offers and compare them against your core values. You cannot just compare the two job offers to each other and then make a decision, which would be like comparing apples to oranges. Instead, you need to compare the key items of each offer and then measure them against your needs and values in life. For the most part, jobs can be divided into the following segments:

  • Pay
  • Benefits
  • Company culture
  • Time/flexibility
  • Type of job
  • Chance of advancement

This step in the process can be lengthy and even have you doubting yourself or the decision you are leaning towards. But, looking deep into your values and needs will help you realize which of the two jobs is best for you right now. For example, one job might pay more, but require that you work long days with little to no flexibility in the schedule. The other job might pay less, but could offer an entirely flexible schedule.

Talk to Someone

It goes without saying, but before you accept a job offer of any kind, it’s important to talk it over with your partner, spouse, trusted friend, or mentor. Be sure this is what will help you get ahead in life and in your career.

Receiving two job offers at the same time can be overwhelming, especially if you have been seeking work for quite some time. But, this can also be the single-most exciting time in your career! If you follow the steps above, it should be easier to make a decision as to which job offer you choose.

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