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Key Reasons to Outsource Your Hiring Initiatives in 2015

March 20th, 2015

It can be frustrating for companies to spend hours on end sifting through applications and sitting in on interviews only to have to fill a job a second time in months. This is a major reason why your company should outsource its hiring initiatives in 2015. We will discuss other reasons in this week’s article, all of which should not come as a surprise to hiring managers and human resource professionals.

Reduce the Employee Turnover Rate

One of the most important reasons for outsourcing your hiring initiatives in 2015 is to help reduce the employee turnover rate at your company. When companies have to screen applicants themselves, mistakes can be made because hiring is not the only thing the company has to worry about. Staffing firms have one thing on their plate; finding the right worker for their client’s open position. They will not be distracted by anything else. This can help reduce your employee turnover rate markedly.

Find Superior Candidates

Another key reason to outsource your company’s hiring initiative in 2015 is to find superior candidates. Companies might have trouble finding suitable candidates for their open jobs. This is why outsourcing hiring makes sense for some. Staffing firms know the industry in which their clients operate and already have a pool of talented workers vetted and ready for job interviews when they become available. This also helps reduce the amount of time it takes to fill open jobs.

Handle Fluctuations in Workload

Companies might need a large number of new workers on a seasonal basis or keep growing so fast that hiring cannot keep pace. When either of these two occur, the hiring initiatives should be outsourced to a staffing firm. A staffing firm will be able to provide a company with employees on short notice, especially for companies that hire based on the season. Staffing firms will also be able to help your company when the workload becomes too much to handle for regular staff members, sending over employees who know that their jobs will only last for a set period.

Cut Human Capital Costs

If your company needs to cut costs, especially in the recruiting sector, outsourcing hiring initiatives in 2015 is a good option. Some companies spend a lot of time and money on recruiting employees themselves. Those companies can save money by partnering with a staffing firm. No longer will your human resource department have to spend most of their week reading through cover letters and resumes. They also do not have to conduct multiple rounds of job interviews.

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages to outsourcing your hiring initiatives in 2015. Even if your company benefits from just one method, it is a positive that will help your company succeed at hiring new employees.

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