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Start Standing Out from the Crowd During Your Interview

March 6th, 2015

It’s a fact that the job interview is one of the most important parts of the job search process, yet too many people are struggling to make a good first impression on potential employers. Why? By the time the interviewer talks to you, he or she has probably already met with a lot of other people and heard it all. Because of this, we have put together a few tips that can help you to stand out from the crowd during a job interview. Now, we are not suggesting you go over-the-top with your answers or outfit, but instead, do things that grab the attention of the interviewer in a positive way.

Build Quick Rapport with the Interviewer

So many job seekers simply go through the motions when being interviewed for a job. This can hurt them exponentially when it comes to landing the job. Interviewers are people, not software programs. This is why you must absolutely build a rapport with the interviewer, who will base the majority of their decision on how they feel about you as a person. A candidate’s personality and attitude are just as important to the company as their work experience and education.

Display Genuine Curiosity

The second tip for standing out from the crowd during a job interview is to display genuine curiosity. If you are not a curious person, then this is not something you should try. Simply being curious to fulfill this tip will not help your chances of landing the job. Interviewers want to see how curious their potential employees will be so make sure you ask questions, can look into the future of your career and the industry in which you work and analyze what they have done in the past.

Ask Good Questions

This section goes hand-in-hand with displaying curiosity, but it is so important we had to give it its own area in the post. It is vitally important for you to ask questions during a job interview, but make sure that you are not just asking questions to ask them. Ask questions that extend the dialogue, touch on a topic that was only briefly discussed and show the interviewer how interested you are in the position.

Always Be Yourself (Not Fake) 

This seems like an obvious tip, but you would be surprised at how many people put on a front when interviewing for a job because they desperately need employment. You should always be yourself while on a job interview. Show the interviewer who you are as a person, a co-worker, an employee and as a leader. You can do this by speaking about past experiences, how you have excelled through adversity and what type of company you keep at work and in your personal life.

Excel in the First 30 Seconds

Just like the top half of your resume and cover letter are vitally important to landing an interview, the first 30 seconds of the interview itself is also important. Make sure you make a strong impression with the interviewer so he or she does not begin to doubt scheduling you for an interview. If you make a good impression early, it makes the rest of the interview much easier.

It can be difficult at times to stand out from the crowd during a job interview, but if you follow the tips outlined above, you should be successful in your hunt for employment.

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