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4 Reasons You Might Not Be Getting a Call Back from an Employer

January 30th, 2015

Searching for a new job in Atlanta is stressful, time consuming and downright difficult in today’s competitive market. When you finally get to schedule an interview and meet with a hiring manager, your confidence begins to build. But, what if you never hear back from the employer after the interview?

We will discuss four big reasons why you are not receiving that call back — so you can get back on track with a better job search.

Failure to Follow Up

One of the biggest reasons why you did not hear back from an employer after a job interview is that you did not follow up with the company. This includes not sending a thank you email, a thank you note, or making a thank you phone call. Following up after an interview is tantamount to your success and plays a major role in securing a second interview.

Budget Yet to be Finalized

Since we are in the early stages of a New Year, the reason you are not hearing back from an employer could be that the company has yet to finalize their budget. Budgets play a big part in whether or not a company will be able to hire new employees. If a budget is not set, you likely will not hear from a company until the hiring manager has been given the green light to add new employees.

Someone Else Was Chosen (This Time) 

Even though each person who interviews for a job is due the respect of knowing what the company’s decision is, sometimes you will not hear back if someone else has been chosen for the job. Despite the fact that you have not been chosen for the job, you still deserve to be notified that the search is complete and that someone else has been offered the position. Most times, the company will not contact other candidates until the selected candidate has accepted the position. This can take quite some time, so be as patient as possible.

The Position Has Been Eliminated

The fourth reason on our list that explains why you are not getting a call back from an employer after a job interview is that the position has been eliminated from the company. This means that none of the candidates was chosen for the job because the company no longer needs it. The company might have eliminated the position due to budget constraints, for a lack of strong candidates, or because it is a cyclical position.

Preparing for a job interview takes a lot of your time and energy. Nothing is more demoralizing when you fail to hear back from the company after the interview. Even though you might have done well, the company could have its reasons for not calling you back within a reasonable amount of time.  Get a jump start on your job search by registering with Staffing Resources in Atlanta GA, for temp and full time assignments worthy of your skills!

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