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Ways to Implement a Company Wellness Program in 2015

January 9th, 2015

Since we are still in the early months of the New Year, many of us are holding onto our resolutions. Millions of people resolve to eat healthier, lose weight and live healthier lives each year. These resolutions are the reasons why your company should implement a wellness program for 2015. In today’s post, we will discuss three excellent ways to implement the wellness program so your employees take full advantage of it.

Figure Out Needs of Employees

The first step in the process is to find out the needs of the employees at your company. The whole purpose of the wellness program is to help employees better themselves, so you should determine what it is they need. Do they need to enroll in exercise classes? Would some prefer working with a personal trainer? Do they need to see a doctor about health issues? You can find all of this out by surveying your employees through the company’s insurance carrier. This is known as a health risk assessment.

Create the Wellness Plan Goals

The second step to implementing a wellness program in 2015 for your company is to analyze the data from the health risk assessment and then create the plan. The plan should be tailored based on the outcome of the survey so the employees’ needs are met.

The plan needs to be a combination of both wellness programs and fitness activity so they take advantage of everything offered by the company. When you pick one or the other, employees will tend to ignore the benefits provided to them and not participate. The plan should have a combination of exercise classes, wellness workshops, individual health assessments and any other program you feel is necessary to their health.

Other types of wellness programs include help with overeating, smoking cessation, weight loss, mental health, dealing with stress and much more.

Offer Incentives for Participation

The third and final step for implementing a wellness program in 2015 is to offer incentives to your employees for their participation. When you offer incentives for participation, you will find that more of your employees will take part in the program.

Without incentives, it will be difficult to successfully get the program to take-off with employees. Employees love being rewarded for their efforts, whether they have to do with work performed or staying healthy, so make sure your incentive package is worthwhile.

Do not be disappointed with the participation rate during the infancy of the program. It takes time for people to adjust to new things, especially when it comes to exercising and living and healthier life. The longer you let the program proceed, the higher your participation rate will be among employees.

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