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Minimize Staff Turnover with these 4 Steps

June 6th, 2014

One of the most difficult things for a company to face is frequent staff turnover. No matter where you go, staff turnover can become high, even if the company is one of the best to work for in its industry. The root causes of staff turnover can range from a poor compensation plan and tough working conditions to low employee morale due to mismanagement.

How can companies of all sizes minimize their staff turnover? We have come up with four suggested methods that will help your business reduce staff turnover and keep top talent onboard for as long as possible.

Step #1 – Construct a Strong Team Culture
The companies that build a team culture tend to have the lowest rate of staff turnover. Why? Because staff members who are part of a successful team and who feel valued will plan to stay with their employer for the long haul. An excellent way to construct a team culture is to introduce a bonus or incentive program that rewards employees for working as part of a team on various projects. This allows knowledge to be shared amongst employees, making for a more successful workplace.

Step #2 – Listen to Your Employees
Companies will do everything in their power to make their customers happy. Whether this is providing excellent support or refunds for incomplete service, companies put a lot of their focus on clients. We are not saying this is wrong, but it should be a little more balanced. Take some of that focus and put it on your employees. When you focus on making your staff happy, it will go a long way towards reducing your turnover rate. Find out what problems they face daily and how you might be able to help. This can be on the job or in their personal lives.

Sep #3 – Support Your Employees’ Families
Our third tip is to become a supportive  member of your employees’ families. We are not saying that you should show up for dinner on Sunday nights or go to their children’s recitals. We are talking about ending the conflict between work life and personal life. Many companies do not like to mesh work and personal lives of employees. Make the change at your company and get involved.

One such way to get involved is to offer childcare services either on-campus or near the office for your employees. This allows employees to check their children while on lunch break and pick them up within minutes of leaving work at the end of the day. Companies that offer such a service will find their turnover rate decrease.

Step #4 – Promote on the job Creativity
Companies that encourage creativity from their employees will see incredible success in the market and in the decrease of their turnover rate. Do whatever it takes to get your employees to be as creative as possible.

Keeping your staff in-tact takes a lot of work and is very difficult to do. By employing the four tips outlined in this article, your company’s turnover rate should drop.

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