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February 27th, 2014

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Because Human Resources is an industry that faces health care, tax and employment law updates practically every week, HR professionals want to know where the industry is headed at any given time. For the most part, the industry will be headed towards advancement once again and there are four major trends that every HR professional should look out for this year. These four trends include business analytics, technology, compliance and mobile apps.

Business Analytics

Big data is found almost everywhere these days, but the most important aspect of data is knowing how to use it correctly in terms of human resources. Just having data does not help your company succeed in 2014. You’ll need to properly analyze the data, utilize it, and then make decisions using it. Companies use data to find out why things occurred in the past and how they can be avoided in the future. The data can also be used to make predictions for the company based on its output in the past.

When using HR data, you need to figure out the questions you want answered at the company, figure out what the data sources will be and then acquire as much data as possible. To make sure that this works for your company you will need to repeat the steps repeatedly so you have enough data to analyze.

HR Technology

As usual, technology will play a major role in human resources for 2014, as well as every other business sector out there. Companies have begun producing dedicated mobile applications for their employees to use on their smartphones and tablets while at work that help them complete projects. Technology will also help human resource professionals recruit and retain some of the top talent for their companies. They will be able to access more recruitment tools, connect with candidates using social technology, and use video interviewing as a regular part of their recruitment strategy.


One of the most time-consuming and challenging tasks for human resource professionals is that of compliance. This trend began a couple of years ago and continues to become more and more important each year. Random Homeland Security I-9, Workers’ Compensation, and EEOC audits are happening more often at companies across the country. In 2007, there were 250, I-9 audits, but it jumped to 3,000 audits in 2012. (Source Companies of all sizes can experience an I-9 audit, not just large corporations. The best way to prepare for such an audit is to operate with the idea that it will definitely occur, and follow all guidelines to prevent breaking the law.

Mobile Apps

The fourth important trend in human resources for 2014 is that of the mobile application explosion. With our smartphones, tablets, and laptops, we are more “plugged in” than ever before as a working society. Some 102 billion apps were downloaded in 2013, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project.  Companies have begun offering mobile apps for their employees in order to keep them more engaged at work. Make sure your company is not being outdone simply because it does not offer its employees mobile apps for work.

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