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How to Get Noticed by the Company You Want | Job Opportunities in Atlanta GA

February 21st, 2014

As a job seeker, do you sometimes want to jump up and down saying “Look at me, I’m over here!” to hiring companies? It can be difficult to get noticed by the company you want to work for, especially with all the competition for the best job opportunities in Atlanta GA. For every single job that gets advertised, it’s common for recruiters to get over 100 resumes submitted for consideration. This means a lot of candidates who are all trying to get noticed for the top position in the hiring pile. Make sure you stand out as a job seeker with these tips.

Create an outstanding resume

Your first step in getting noticed by the best companies and make a good first impression is to create a resume that’s both professional and eye-catching. How can you accomplish this? First, take a moment to choose a resume template that includes organized sections, good use of white space, and bold text that jumps off the page. Then add your contact info, a strong summary of skills, the last few jobs you’ve held in the last 10-12 years. Remember, to add the keywords that are included in job ads to make your resume more scannable.

Establish a strong professional brand

In terms of your career, the brand that you develop can help you to rise above the sea of competition in a big way. Your brand is the way you present yourself to the world, to your colleagues, and to potential hiring companies. This brand often goes before you, meaning others have heard of your reputation before you meet them for an interview. Make sure yours is outstanding.

Proactively connect with target companies

You don’t have to wait for your dream job to come along before you apply. Instead, take advantage of all the Internet offers and do your research. Identify at least ten target companies that may be hiring in your area. Check out their career web pages, browse job listings, learn who their leadership team is, and then find the companies on LinkedIn and Facebook. Connect with people at the companies who may have common contacts. Send a brief note of introduction to the HR rep if you can find them, with a resume attached.

Get referred and introduced by colleagues                

Once you have developed your social profiles and established your professional brand online, you will want to start working your networks. This is important because one of the best ways to circumvent the same application process of other candidates is by getting referred by a current employee at your target company. See who in your network works for a business in your view or is a job recruiter in GA and then ask them to refer you for employment. If applying online, use one of your contacts as a referral so they get credit too.

Use the above tips to stand out from other candidates and go to the front of the line – and get noticed when looking for job opportunities in Atlanta, GA. Check out the current temporary job openings available at Staffing Resources today.

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