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Get Your Employees to Feel Comfortable Breaking the Silence

April 10th, 2020

Your organization needs the input and ideas from your team. For some, that’s no problem. They have no issue voicing their thoughts in meetings, at the water cooler, or any time you talk to them. But what about your new or shy employees? 

For this group, it can be more challenging to learn what they know. You want them to share their thoughts and ideas with the team, but speaking up in front of everyone makes them nervous. If you want your team to open up, try these suggestions to help your employees feel comfortable sharing 


Make Room In Your Schedule

Sometimes the best place to start with making them feel comfortable in giving them the chance to speak to you directly, without an audience at a meeting. You can choose to set up 1:1 time or have a set open door time when your door is open, and you invite anyone in to talk. A way to build their confidence from these meetings is to bring up what they suggested in another meeting and give them praise for their idea.  

Another idea is to pull them indirectly to talk about a work matter. Tell them you’d like their opinion on the matter and see what they have to say.  


Try Open Sessions

While that method may work for some, others may find that direct conversation challenging. Because they prefer a more open session, you can schedule times to brainstorm where everyone brings all their ideas and has the chance to workshop them. The nature of these kinds of meetings welcomes all thoughts, so your employees who need encouragement to think may feel comfortable.  


Implement a Rewards Program

If you want people to share, try rewarding them for doing so. Finding out what will motivate your team and offering incentives, like free lunches, public praise, PTO, and more, can be the key to receiving more feedback. If someone is hesitant to share, the thought of a reward may push them into saying something.  


Remember Feedback is Reciprocal

Feedback should be a continuously flowing system at your organization, meaning you should both give and receive it in your role. Helping your team grow is essential, but you need to be willing to hear suggestions fed back to you. When you show, you can listen and implement what your team shares; others may be more inclined to speak up.  


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