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Warning: This Article Contains Great Leadership Tips

April 3rd, 2020

If you read beyond the warning in the title of this post, it’s likely because you’re seriously dedicated to becoming a better leader. Whether you’re in a leadership role now or aspiring to get there, these tips can help you improve your skills and learn how to influence your team and win them over. Try these five ways to be an impactful leader 


Own Your Brand

Everything you do says something about you, whether it’s how you dress, what you say, or how you write. Without realizing it, these things all contribute to what is referred to like your brand. Employees will either consciously or subconsciously perceive and form their expectations as a result.  

Knowing this, you need to cultivate a consistent and reliable brand that speaks the right message to your team. It’s an extension of you and should be authentic. Anything forced or faked can be seen right through.  


Be Intentional

Strong relationships don’t happen by accident. If you want to build powerful connections in your workplace, you need to take the time to get to know your team. This doesn’t mean you hang out with them after work and become close friends, because there are essential lines between leadership. 

Instead, it’s you making an effort to understand the people you work with and meet them where they are. This dedication won’t go unnoticed, and your team will respect and be influenced more by you as a result.  


Stay Positive 

This one is obvious, but essential to message. If you’re going to be an influencer, you need the right message. Focusing on one of positivity transcends all situations and sets an important tone in the workplace. Instead of getting flustered or defeated, you face every challenge with an optimistic and problem-solving outlook, which can spread and help define your company culture. 


Work Toward Growth

While you certainly want to do this in your company, this point is reflective of your attitude. Some who want to be leaders struggle with assuming they can’t grow beyond where they are – not in their position, but their intelligence and knowledge. To be an effective influencer, you need to remember you have no limits.  


Focus on Trust

Without the trust of your team, your leadership means nothing. Trust is the foundation upon which strong teams are built. Failing to establish it with your employees and demonstrate your trustworthiness can make you ineffective in your role. Fortunately, a combination of all these points is an excellent way to work toward building that trust.  


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