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April Fool’s Day: Managers Edition

March 27th, 2020

If you’re looking for a way to have a little extra fun around the office, then April Fool’s Day could be the perfect day for some harmless pranks that can bring your staff together. You don’t want to create an HR fiasco with your bright idea. Here’s how you and your fellow managers can have a little fun in the office and prank your teams (without causing a disaster) 


Copy a Paperclip

The copier trick is simple – make a few copies of a paperclip and sneak them into one of your employee’s stacks of copies. They will see this and assume that somehow the item is trapped in the machine and must be found to solve the problem.  

Since they won’t find what they’re looking for in the dismantling process, you could potentially repeat this throughout the day and lead your team to an enjoyable insanity as they search for the paperclip. The key is, don’t let it go too far. At some point, slip in another paper that says April Fool’s to finish the prank.  


Office Supplies in Jell-O

This trick is forever immortalized by Jim from the popular television show The Office, but it doesn’t mean it loses its humor. This is one you want to save for employees you know will appreciate it because there is some digging to be done once discovered.  

Start with a bowl of Jell-o, filled halfway, and let it sit in the refrigerator. Once set, put a team member’s office item in there (like scissors or stapler), then pour the rest of the Jell-o mixture on top until it’s filled. Hide it in their desk and wait for the laughter.  


Bring out the Saran Wrap

Wrapping something is less sneaky but still enjoyable and as surface level, as it seems. Use Saran Wrap to wrap things around the office, whether it’s a cabinet or someone’s desk. The tighter and thicker, the better, for maximum impact. Once discovered and appreciated, you can join in the cutting and unwrapping process to show you’re a team player and that it’s all in fun.  


Switch Supplies

For this one to have a real impact, you need to know about specific items members of your team love. The idea is to take something beloved to them, like a pen or pair of scissors, and swap them with something subpar and see how long it takes them to determine it’s wrong. As with all of these, avoid exchanging an item with someone who might not enjoy the joke.  


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