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Laughter is the Best Medicine for a Rough Day

February 21st, 2020

Can you imagine going a whole day without laughing? Whether it’s an all too relevant meme or an episode of your favorite comedy show, you will likely encounter at least something every day that brings you enough happiness to make you laugh. When this happens, you feel lighter, and your cares, at least momentarily, seem less important.  

Laughing in your personal life is essential, but it’s easy to forget to bring that energy into the workplace. Maybe the higher-ups prefer a stricter attitude, or perhaps at some point, your team just forgot that they could laugh at work. Because laughter remains the best medicine for a rough day, here’s why you should use this soft skill to boost your employees’ moods.  


It makes you more approachable.

In your managerial role, you want to be taken seriously. You want to build a relationship with your team without making it too friend-like. This makes it seem like finding the balance for humor is hard, but it can help you walk the line.  

Making people laugh doesn’t mean you’ll be respected less, especially if your actions back up your position. By showing your team you work hard, and they can trust you, the respect will come naturally. The sprinkling of humor into daily life, whether it’s a timely comment or something self-deprecating, you’re showing a different side that can strengthen your relationship.  


It keeps the mood light.

There will be challenging days in your office, and you will need laughter. Without it, the atmosphere will keep growing heavy and feel suffocating to everyone as they plug away and try not to panic. Inserting laughter can immediately erase this feeling and help everyone feel more relaxed.  

Issues at work should be taken seriously, but your ability to laugh can teach a much more important lesson to your team: it’s just life, and it will go on. Getting caught up in the drama of the moment is easy, but you need to bring them out of it and remind them that it likely isn’t the end of the world. The laughter won’t erase the issue, but it will provide perspective and ultimately get people to a better mindset when trying to solve it.  


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