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A little Appreciation a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away

February 14th, 2020

You’re always looking for ways to stay healthy and thriving. Maybe you go to the gym, practice meditation, and embrace the idea of mental health day. Essentially, you’re into anything that can make you feel calmer and more centered. What’s better than something that reduces your stress? An action that makes both you and someone else feel better. Here’s why you should show appreciation every day 


It shifts your focus.

Stress can come from anywhere and thrives when you spend all your time worrying about what needs to get done. When you practice gratitude through appreciation, you’re changing your mindset from the negative to the positive. Your focus is no longer on yourself and what’s causing you stress, but on acknowledging something good and expressing your appreciation to someone else.  

It helps you be more engaged.

Another symptom of stress can be isolation, perceived or real, as you try to power through your to-do list. You become more removed from the people around you and can lose focus on the bigger picture. When you add appreciation to your list, you’re taking the time to walk away from your work and let someone else know they’re valued. This interpersonal connection can have positive effects for both of you.  

It will build trust.

When you’re focused on what you’re doing and forget to see the world around you, your team may feel that disconnect. Instead of being on their side, you only seem to worry about yourself. By letting them know your value them, especially when things are crazy, you’re making them feel seen and appreciated. Asa result, they’ll be more loyal and productive.  

It will keep improving your mood.

Appreciation is not an act that depreciates in value with overuse. The more you build expressing gratitude into your routine, the more your mood will improve. Your focus and mindset will shift into something beyond temporary positivity, and you’ll develop better relationships with your team. Together, you’ll work through the challenging times and emerge stronger and better than before.  


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