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Is Your Break Room Breaking Spirits?

January 17th, 2020

How often do you think about your break room? When is the last time someone asked you that question? If the answers are something close to ‘never,’ it might be time to pay attention. The break room at your workplace is more than just a place to get coffee and store lunches, and you should be treating it that way.  


A place for engagement.

When your employees spend all day working, they want a place away from their natural environment. A break room provides a space to relax and unwind, even if only for a break, where they can engage with co-workers. Investing time in the area is essentially spending more time in their relationship building and promoting a positive work culture.  


Improvements you can make.

At the bare minimum, your break room should have a refrigerator, microwave, and coffeemaker. Your employees need a place to store their food, heat it up, and get a pick me up through a cup of joe. But read – that is the bare minimum. A space that is designed with employees in mind will go beyond those basics.  

Specific enhancements don’t have to cost a lot but can make a world of difference. Adding books or magazines for reading, plants, or a radio or television can transform the space into something more relaxing and welcoming.  

More intensive but valuable options can include making sure you place the break room where there are windows. Without a doubt, windows make a world of difference to employees who may not get to see outside based on their desk location in your office. Another option is to look at your tables and chairs. Are they old and stained or sturdy and comfortable? You want your employees to want to use the space, not sit down reluctantly because of a lack of options.  


Focus on maintenance.  

Outside of what you can add is the option of what you can take away – mess and clutter. We’re all familiar with jokes about cleaning the break room microwave, but the reality of them ring true. Too often, the cleaning of these spaces is neglected, leaving things a mess and making people want to avoid them.  

Knowing this, one of the best ways to make the space better for your team is to develop a system to keep it clean. When it’s well-maintained, they’ll want to stop in and relax instead of hurrying through to getaway.  


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